Selling Senior Management on AP Automation

View the on-demand webinar to gain access to the 7 steps to build a strong business case for accounts payable automation. 

Despite the promise of full automation, most accounts payable departments are overrun with paper invoices and payables documents, and still employ manual and semi-automated processes for managing them. 

According to an IOFM Controller Survey, the #1 time-consuming finance function is accounts payable. So why do AP departments remain stuck with inefficient manual and semi-automated processes? The top reason is that they do not know how to develop a business case for automation that will win over the C-Suite.

Don’t let this common pitfall be the same reason your accounts payable department doesn’t have a fully automated AP solution. View the on-demand webinar, “Selling Senior Management on AP Automation,” and open the possibilities of growth with your Accounts Payable automation.

Join speaker Mark Brousseau as he explains these 7 steps in more detail:

  1. Line up Stakeholders
  2. Prepare for Objections
  3. Diagnose your Current State
  4. Calculate the Payback
  5. Propose the Solution
  6. Prove the Concept
  7. Plan for Change